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A Reliable Provider of Covalently Circularized Nanodiscs




Covalently circularized nanodisc (cND) technology has been developed by a team at Harvard Medical School. Two patent applications have been filed on this technology. cND represents a significant advance in the applicability and durability of nanodisc technology. The new cNDs show higher size homogeneity and improved stability compared with that of non-circularized forms (1). The larger cNDs can house much bigger membrane proteins and their complexes than previously possible with conventional naodiscs.


One of the most exciting new applications of large cND is offering enough surface area to act as a surrogate membrane for the study of the early steps in virus infection.

Another potential application is vaccine design. The improved stability of cND relative to the conventional nanodiscs not only could improve the shelf half-life of the vaccine preparations but also could increase the antigen lifetime in vivo.*


In order to harvest the full benefits of covalent circularization, high quality circularized scaffold protein and nanodisc samples are needed. Our company gladly offers high quality products that have been rigorously tested.

M. L. Nasr et al., Covalently circularized nanodiscs for studying membrane proteins and viral entry. Nature Methods 14, 49-52 (2017).

* These statements have not been evaluated by FDA.

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